ID’s are simple required for proof of age and residence in Canada and is required when purchasing medicinal marijuana. We accept: driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, Canadian citizenship card, Certificate of Indian Status card, Permanent Residence card, Canadian Forces Identity card, and Provincial/Territorial Identification card in a JPG/GIF/PNG or PDF format.

You may scan your ID with a scanner or use your cellphone camera and/or webcam to take a clear and legible photo of it.

Our team will review your ID and if it meets our requirements, you will receive a confirmation email from us within a few business hours of being submitted.

Your ID will NOT be stored on the server and will be immediately deleted after approval. Your security is our priority and we ensure your personal data is protected the moment you upload it. We use industry standard security protocols and practices to provide the most secure and reliable protection for your data which is encrypted in our database, and we ensure that no employees have unauthorized access to your sensitive information– only authorized users have administrative access to our servers.

Please upload your ID to prove that you are 19+.

The file needs to be JPG, GIF or PNG.

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