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Cannaisseur presents the one and only Afghan-style Hash.

Known for its smooth taste and legendary status, Afghan Hash (Hashish) has remained popular among veterans and first timers alike. Afghan hash is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan, a long standing tradition in their culture. The effect could be described as a mostly Indica Hybrid, with a strong pervasive body stone, making this excellent for an after work smoke to unwind with from your day. Tested on average at 52% THC, Cannaisseur Afghan Hash will guarantee to get you high!




10 reviews for Cannaisseur Afghan Hash

  1. GreatWhite


    Great price, decent quality, not for the light wights.

  2. Nailedvision


    This came in place of the pre-rolls in summer special and was such a nice treat. I haven’t had hash in twenty years and the stuff back then was always terrible to the point I doubted it was even made with cannabis. Black jelly bean maybe. This stuff was delicious, burned slow and long, and produced snow white ash. Very strong with a nice uplifting that had me giggling out of my chair.

  3. TomBossMan


    I have not had hash in years and was pleasantly surprised because I remember hash being gross and too strong. This was tasty and smoked really smooth and gave me a very nice mellow buzz. Id recommend it to any seasoned toker.

  4. Jester20347


    Amazing hash 🙂 great treat in the pipe before bed time. Smooth. Like rub. Yumm. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Djames87


    Nice tasting Afghan Hash with a nice light spice to it. Great for an evening of movies or video games 🙂

  6. Stickyickynicky


    Made some coco oil yogurt and became one my mattress. Added bonus, my gfs poop smelt like flowers the next day

  7. Shannonfay


    Can’t believe we got this for free. We order extra so we can always have some on hand.

  8. BDD


    nice smooth taste. not strong enough for me but i mixed it with kief and it’s amazing now.

  9. Nidzzz


    Nice smell and came packaged in glass which I appreciated. Great taste and price.

  10. LiterateLoaf


    Soft, malleable consistency & smooth, mild smoke – won’t really notice you’ve inhaled anything til the thc kicks in. Definitely worth the price or as a freebie with the boss deals.

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