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These CO₂ Oils boast unbeatable flavour and cannabinoid content, as pure as it gets for cannabis extraction.

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This highly-concentrated CO2 extracted oil from Cannaisseur is cleaner, safer, purer and tastier than other oils; containing zero residual solvents in the finished product.

Best for: Stress – Pain – Insomnia
Top effects: Relaxed – Sleepy – Euphoric

CO2 Oil is great for use as a bowl topper, dabbing, filling your own wick-less cartridge, spread in a joint, and even for making your own edibles because of it’s flavor profile which does not leave an aftertaste. Only requires a drop or 2 for it’s effects to be felt.

Keep in cool place. Don’t leave in direct sunlight.

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2 reviews for Cannaisseur Co2 Oil

  1. Nidzzz


    It’s not the strongest oil. Gives more of a mellow buzz

  2. LiterateLoaf


    Absolutely love this as a bowl topper; also great for making edibles. It’s not as potent as pure distillate, but it is still a concentrated product – take it slow until you know where your tolerance lies. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you’ll end up trashing your tolerance & experiencing uncomfortable highs.

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