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Darkside Rosin maybe dark but that does not mean it won’t get you high! For the health conscious consumer, you can be assured that rosin is extracted without using any solvents, and can be manipulated into all popular textures and consistencies to suit all medicinal or recreational needs. By pressing hash at low heat, Darkside captures the entire essence of the plant. This product falsifies the myth that dark extracts are low in quality as it offers the same health and recreational benefits at a much lower and affordable price.

*Rosin is best stored in a cool, dry place.

Here are three reasons to prefer dark rosin: (read entire article here):

  • Less Processing – Less Solvents: The process used to achieve say, transparent shatter, normally involves using solvents such as BHO.
  • Feels like the Flower: Darker concentrates contain more of the plant and you can get a different high than what you would have experienced with the original cannabis flower.
  • Grounded Body High: Provides a more grounded body high, however, effects may vary depending on strain. Dark concentrates get it’s color either from the type of processing or the type of plant; indicas and hybrids tend to have a darker color than sativa varieties. This is a great option if you are looking for a sedative, medicinal usage or a calming high.




3 reviews for Darkside Rosin

  1. Shannonfay


    So much fun and very versatile as to how you can smoke it.

  2. Nidzzz


    Very strong buzz, body and head high. The taste was very earthy. Tasted natural. Great price

  3. BDD


    good for the price, taste is nice but not one of my personal favorites

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