Cannaisseur THC Distillate Disposable Vape Pens (Multiple Flavors)


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Disposable Vape Pens made from THC Distillate, with 85% THC cannabis extract. The sleek design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go.

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The sleek design of our Cannaisseur THC Distillate Disposable Vape Pens allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go! Each vape pen is 0.3ml, made from THC Distillate with 85% THC cannabis extract. These subtle pens are processed in a state of the art facility through a short loop distillation and then left with a solvent free extract. Live cannabis plant terpenes are also extracted and formulated for superior flavour and product. Every disposable vape pen is specifically designed with ceramic coils for proper consumption of distillate, and carries 150mg of THC Distillate and 150mg of Natural Terpenes.

*Non-rechargeable and non-refillable. Each battery is 320 mah and equals roughly 150 puffs.

Vaporization is perceived as a safer alternative to smoking, rand releases the main components of the marijuana plant before combustion occurs and at lower temperatures, thus avoiding the release of toxic by-products associated with combustion.

Instructions: Puff slow and steady on the mouthpiece of the disposable vape pens. It can take up to fifteen minutes to feel the full effect. For patients who have not consumed in a while, two to four puffs is recommended but for the folks who consume a little more often, up to ten puffs should be just fine. If the light blinks twice, that means the battery is protecting itself from overheating, and when it blinks five times, the battery is exhausted. A puff is considered to be three seconds of inhalation.





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4 reviews for Cannaisseur THC Distillate Disposable Vape Pens (Multiple Flavors)

  1. CanadianCannabisTV


    Very sturdy metal design, great value (especially with a coupon code), I got the Strawberry one and that’s exactly how it tastes, with 0 weed smell. Awesome option for me to use walking around campus, very strong stuff as well, 5 or 6 pulls is all it takes for me to get comfortably buzzed.

  2. BDD


    Out of the blueberry, mango and watermelon i enjoyed the watermelon the most. I found it tasted like bubble gum.

  3. Nidzzz


    Had a nice strawberry taste but a slight chemical undertone. Smooth smoke and convenient. I would buy it again for the convenience and price.

  4. Koba_sj


    Tried this in mint flavour (was the only flavour available at the time) and it was a smooth smoke. I found there is a little bit of a weed smell, but it dissipates fast. I enjoyed the buzz and will definitely be ordering more in different flavours.

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